Disclaimer: TILA Corp. is strictly an administrative specialist, we are not a law firm or legal service in any capacity and offer no legal advice, we are strictly for entertainment purposes, the outcome is solely dependent upon circumstances outside all parties’ control. TILA Corp simply assists homeowners to make inquiries and challenges to title, deeds and assignments through RESPA Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act, TILA Truth in Lending Act, and FDCPA Fair Debt Collection Practices ACT, these standard challenges are available to all consumers. TILA Corp. Recommends that all borrowers order a Securitization Audit. We use a 3rd party auditor who only deals with Attorney's and Marketing Firms such as TILA Corp., and does not deal directly with homeowners. This is beneficial as it allows an arm’s length distance between auditor and homeowner for a possible true 3rd party expert witness who has no direct benefit to them in any particular case. Our Auditors DO NOT Perform the securitization audit, they only process and organize your documents.


I understand and take full responsibility for how I use this process. My general understanding is that I make inquiries of the banks and financial institutions related to my property that they are federally mandated to answer completely and without exception. The banks failure to properly respond to inquiries allows me to forcibly and legally separate myself and my property from them through the execution of Notice of Right to Cancel, Removal of Trustee and Revocation of Power of Attorney, Documents that TILA Corp assist in preparing are subject to constant change, often without notice. I know and understand that I am ultimately responsible for all the content and process of everything prepared mailed and responded to in this process.


Notices and Presentments may provide varying results. I understand that I may need to consult legal counsel at the completion of the process if any assaults persist against the property. The final outcome of this process must be reviewed by an attorney, as an attorney will be able to represent me better than if I represent myself. If I do represent myself, and attempt to use this administrative specialist process as evidence, I do so at my own risk.


I further understand that it is my responsibility to provide ALL Requested documents and that the process will not start until ALL Requested Documents are received, reviewed, processed and prepared.

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